• Check the journal’s instructions for format and review EACH reference to be sure they all comply!
  • Be careful using reference manager software, e.g. EndNote

    EndNote may give you this:
    Norman, P.E., Powell, J.T. (2014) Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease. Circ Res. 114(2): 379-393.

    And the journal style is this:
    Norman PE, Powell JT. Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease. Circ Res 2014;114:379-93.
  • ALWAYS double-check reference format details
    • Punctuation
    • Capitalization of paper titles
    • Is the journal title in PubMed abbreviation format?
    • Are journal issue numbers included, or just the volume?
    • Are page numbers in abbreviated or full format? (123-125 vs. 123-5)
  • Use the most recent sources
  • Always use PRIMARY sources
  • In the text, always note the reference at the end of the first sentence related to the citation: “Smith et al reported results of a phase 2 trial.23 They found that 65% of patients showed improvement with treatment arm 1.”