Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Bold your name and first initial
  • Maintain consistency in entries
    • Article titles: do not capitalize every word - only proper names
    • Info is consistent in each: volume numbers, PMIDs, etc.
    • Check PubMed for correct journal abbreviations
  • Check that author names are spelled correctly, in published order, title is exact, page numbers are correct, etc.
  • Verify via PubMed or online source
cv scholarship example

Abstracts and Presentations

  • Abstracts section should include any presentation made after an abstract was submitted to a conference or meeting and accepted for presentation (in-house or outside)
  • Include and list all authors just as you would for a publication
  • List the meeting by its official name: no abbreviations for the organization, check website to be sure of official meeting name
  • List city, state (country), month and year.
  • Presentations are NOT abstracts – they are invited talks
  • Presentation titles should be in title case, not lower case like publications and abstracts
  • Follow format of meeting, place, date just like in the Abstracts section
cv scholarship abstracts and presentations example