CV Tips for Residents (download pdf)

CV template (download Word .doc)

See also: Tips for Writing a Fellowship
Application Personal Statement


  • Keep a wide, clean margin on the entire document: 1” all around
  • Use a common font, preferably sans serif
    • Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman (easy to read and are not likely to be transposed into other fonts on someone else’s computer)
    • 11 or 12 pt
  • Always send your CV as a PDF file without any tracked changes
  • Add page numbers starting on page 2 (already set up in the downloadable template above)
  • Use italic, bold or underline font very sparingly
  • Microsoft Word can be tricky – there are lots of default settings and automatic formatting
    • If those defaults drive you crazy, Google how to override them (or email Kris Greiner!)
  • Learn to use page breaks – don’t hit the “return” key a bunch of times until you get to the next page
    • Insert a page break to separate sections appropriately
  • Learn how to set tabs and indents


  • BE CONSISTENT in everything
    • Overall formatting
    • Date format: if you use “2018-2019,” then don’t switch to “2018-19” in another line or section
    • Capitalizations
    • Headings and subheadings
    • Punctuation
  • Add the same details to each entry in the same section and overall
    • Example: city, state, country

Tips for CV Sections

Attention to Detail

  • Before you submit, clean up all tracked changes
  • Keep your CV updated! It’s easier to update as needed than try to remember everything that needs to be added once a year.
  • Consistency is key! In every section!
  • Check your spelling: simple mistakes convey lack of attention to detail
  • Correct word use: did you use the correct “its” vs. “it’s”?
  • List ALL sections in order of oldest (at the top) to newest
  • Spell out acronyms: “Society of Hospital Medicine,” not “SHM”
    • CVs can be reviewed by someone not familiar with your field’s common abbreviations
  • Use full and correct proper names of people, organizations, schools
    • One good example is “Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Blood & Marrow Transplantation”
    • Many people use “Bone Marrow” - check those proper names!!
  • When you save your CV, put your name and “CV” in the Word file name so others immediately know what that file contains

Help is available!

  • Contact Kris Greiner, Editor, for help with creating or updating your CV (
  • Ask a faculty mentor or residency director to review and give advice on what should and should not be listed